Title: For Those Left Behind
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Creator: Carrie McLeroy
Description: The scene has played out in countless movies: A mother and father are eating dinner when they hear a knock at the door. The father answers, separated from a lone Soldier by a screen door. The mother joins her husband at the door, the camera zooms in on the Soldier, and music drowns out what he says.

The mother throws herself into her husband's arms, and the Soldier's lips form the words, "I'm so sorry."

That is how the movies leave the family, alone and grieving. But that's only in the movies.

In reality, when a Soldier is killed in combat, an entirely different scenario transpires, according to Soldiers at the Casualty and Mortuary Affairs Operations Center. The process of notifying a family about the death of a loved one is one action in a series of events that begin before a casualty-notification officer makes the solemn walk to a family's front door.

This article describes those events that are intended to help surviving family members deal with the emotional, administrative and financial effects of their loss.

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Date Issued: 2008
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Parents of Service Members
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Coverage: Soldier’s death triggers a series of events intended to help family
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