Title: "The Long War Comes Home Mitigating Risk and Promoting Resilience in Military Children and Families."
Url: http://www.psychiatrictimes.com/military-mental-health/content/article/10168/1905105#
Creator: Patricia Lester and Brenda Bursch
Description: This article examines factors related to recent study findings of increases in military children’s vulnerability as well as factors that promote resilience to the stressors associated with deployment. Children face new challenges at every stage of deployment and at every developmental age; this article provides strategies for recognizing and mediating children’s signs of stress as well as for enhancing resilience in military children and families. Authors' abstract
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Coverage: The Long War Comes Home Mitigating Risk and Promoting Resilience in Military Children and Families
Source: Psychiatric Times. 28(7)
Email Address: patricia.martinez.ctr@usuhs.mil
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